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Interesting post from EdWeek regarding teaching with technology in a classroom with limited technology resources. 


High-Tech Teaching in a Low-Tech Classroom


As 21st-century teachers, we are expected to help students master the technological tools they will use in college and the workplace. But in many districts, the one-computer classroom is not extinct. So how can we do a lot with a little? How can we best use limited resources to support learning and familiarize students with technology?

A few general tips:

• You may need to get creative with lesson structure so that students have the time necessary to interact productively with new tools.

• Take advantage of any time that your students have access to a computer lab with multiple computers. Consider using such opportunities to guide students in getting to know a half dozen tools, rather than working on a single assignment. While it may seem like "technology for technology's sake," this investment will pay off later, when there is limited time for students to use the tools on your one or two classroom computers.

• Relieve yourself from the pressure of knowing all the ins and outs of every tool. Instead, empower your students by challenging them to become experts who teach one another (and you!) how to use new programs...


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Good ideas here - I especially like the idea of letting students become the experts in a tool and teaching others. Thanks for sharing this.
Thanks for sharing this Patrina - great stuff!



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