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Hi everyone!

I'm working with a second grade math teacher who asked me -

"Did you come across anything that combines movement and math? I came up with jump roping by quarters. 25, 50 75, 100, 125, 150,... Maybe keeping score for a bowling game? Rolling giant dice, adding/subtracting them to move around a game board? I already do some jumping with math facts... love to hear your thoughts. "

I found these related resources:

Does anyone else have some good ideas on this one?

Any ideas = Cool.



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Have students practice skip counting while doing the macarena, or slap-counting into each other's hands. You can practice spelling by slap counting too. Have two kids face each other and put their hands out, palm up. The first student slaps the other student's hand, right hand slaps the right hand of the other student so they are crossing the midline and says two, then the same student slaps their left hand into the left hand of their partner and say four, the skip counting continues with the other partner slap counting into the other partners hand and so on.Hope that makes sense, it's a bit hard to describe.....Jean Blaydes Madigan is a great resource for adding movement into academics. Her website is

Jill - THANK YOU SO MUCH! Great stuff. Strangely, I also came across this article "Linking Literacy and Movement" this AM on Twitter!
I love skipping, clap chants etc. I have a free pdf booklet I compiled of playground chants and rhymes anyone can access at my website. I also used to have a giant number grid in the playground, and the kids would jump/hop by twos, threes or we'd use it to test math facts (two teams, leaders must run to land on the answer first eg 4x3=12.

In drama/dance, have the kids make groups of 2, then work with a partner to form the actual digits - the shape of 2, 3, 4 etc. Can they try it next time in groups of 3, 4 etc?
Susan, you rule awesome resources and ideas!

The Math and Movement (first one on the list) is an OUTSTANDING program. The developer came to our district last year and presented an abbreviated version of her program/resources over two afterschool workshops. Is was VERY well received, and our BOCES (Monroe 1 in upstate NY) was going to purchase some of the mats and materials. I HIGHLY recommend her! :)
Love it Lori! Thanks for sharing it.
Thanks Lori!



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