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Dear friends,
I am not a native speaker, so i sometime can not distinguish some terms. For example 'media form' and 'media format', these terms are conjugate or interchangeable and/or split up by some senses? OR is there an inclusion X exclusion relationship between them?

How do you define and COMPARE these terms 'media forms' and 'media formats'? Is there any general accepted standards?
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and thank you in advance,

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What context are you using them in? Are you trying to teach students the use of various media? Reading books about media? It would help us to know how these terms are being used when you come across them; then we can help you interpret their use.
All included. I try to teach (in on sense), secondary school students, and i always read books about media. In academical and especialy lexical base, is there any commonly accepted definition, comparison of these terms. If not, your definitions, even comments enlighten my brain.
I think of a media form as a GENRE...and a format as a MEDIUM. Frank Baker, Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Frank W. Baker that was just brilliant. Now I have a question, and I do hope you can help me.
Can I use adverbs of time, specifically for periods of time, with future perfect progressive tense to talk about a hypothetical situation?
I think that's exactly right. Format is much more about measurable distinctions. For example, as a cartoonist, when I talk about page format, I mean the size of pages 8 inches wide and 10 ten inches high, or 5.5 inches wide and 8 inches high. The same goes for file format, as in mp3, mpegs, jpgs, dvds, etc.
Form is something a little more blurry. Media forms, like different art forms, can be combined to varying degrees. A musical includes elements of theater, dance, and music. I don't know if it refers exclusively to genre though. I think of animation and comics both as forms of media.
I think in general talking, format on the internet would refer to the file format -- mp4, mp3, etc.

Where as a media form would refer to divisions like video, cartoon, picture, collage,.
Thank you very much for all replies. Especially Frank's abstract definition and John Isaacson's explanation both was very very useful for me. I love MC POP & Members



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