Making Curriculum Pop

Clintondale High School in Michigan has flipped the entire curriculum, with great changes in both learning and behavior. Student group: 75% receive free or reduced lunch.  The High school says failure rate has been reduced by 33%, and behavior issues have been reduced by 66%.  See statistics chart  for the 9th grade after one year:

Clintondale High School has posted 1st and 2nd semester videos on their website.  The videos are 5-7 minutes long.  Tabs are at the top for each subject.

Then check out the Clintondale's principals blog on CNN:


Creating the videos is easy to do. Techsmith and the flippped classroom:


Teacher Ning for flipped classroom - join us:


Flipped Classroom Conference being held  in downtown Chicago, Illinois, June 18th.  Jon Bergmann, who with Adam Samms started this movement in Colorado has moved to Illinois -




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H to the L thanks a bazillion for this share!  



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