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The Worst Song I Ever Loved: Writing About Pop Music in a Personal and Critical Context

What's the worst song you ever loved? is a challenge which involves listening to pop music, reading music journalism, and formulating your own critical and personal response to a particular tune from your past or present.

I originally ran it at an all-ages public library writers' group with teens and adults - you can see the write-up and "how to" over at my site.

"What's the worst song you ever loved?" allows us to address questions like:

  • Why do you love this song?
  • When, where, why, and how, did you realize you fell in love with this song?What did you do back when you loved this song? Activities? Friends you hung out with? What kinds of clothes was I wearing when I heard this song? What group of friends did I have? Did I dance to this song?
  • Did you know the song was terrible then, or did someone take you aside and convince or remind you of it being terrible. Or did you not realize until years later?
  • Do you still love this song, even though it is now considered horrible/not hip/differs from your current tastes?
  • When and how did I realize or teach myself that this was the worst song I ever loved?

It's also a chance for educators or activity leaders to share some of their own embarrassing song choices. (Barbra and Barry, above, is probably mine).

The activity is adapted from Daniel Nester's college essay assignment "TWSIEL"

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I love this idea! I do a project with my creative writing students in which they reflect on all kinds of songs in their lives--a song that reminds you of a first kiss, a song that reminds you of a junior high dance, etc. I'm betting I could do TWSIEL as a warm-up activity...



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