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Let's take a crack at our first discussion topic. Just pulling something out of my head, I thought we could all discuss one of the most influential pieces of literature in China: The Art of War by Sun-Tzu. Who has read it? Who can share some interesting facts about it? Even if you haven't read it, what do you know about it? What questions do you have? Speak up! If you'd like, I've included a resource for you if you are more interested in reading it, or would like to read it again, seeing as it's very dense:

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I might ask how The Art of War is used in popular culture? So why should kids know about the text and how does it relate to the world today? Answer that sensei :)
The Art of War is a text written by Sun-Tzu to aid the Chinese Emperor, as well as regional governors, generals, and other military officers, to maintain armies, use resources, and win wars and/or conflicts. In a sense, it's THE KEY to victory. Today, it is still used, and not just in military universities, but in the boardroom as well. Many businessmen use these tactics to profit from business endeavors. There is a great History Channel presentation of The Art of War that is worth checking into.
I've read it and used it in my classroom. The most memorable snippet that I recall pertains to the helpful hint of knowing one's enemy. In order to engage with someone, it is wise to know and understand some things about the other. Interestingly, I just read an article in the December issue of Time Magazine entitled "Iraq: Missed Steps" by Bobby Ghosh. One of the first headings is "Know Your Enemy." He discusses the ignorance with which the Americans entered into Iraq after the toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Paradise Square in Baghdad in 2003. His story continues along these lines with mis-steps as the overall concept for his war experience. It would be a GREAT accompaniment to Sun Tzu's Art of War. I'm going to share it with our world cultures teacher to see if she wants to include a section of it for her students...



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