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Hey, friends!! We had some good times "at camp," didn't we?  ;)

  • Here's the parent reflection Mural I made on - You have to zoom in on it to actually see it! Awesome for mind mapping, idea generation, or even a final product like this one.

  • I also like all the options on Jux. There's lots you can make! The one I used in class is called the Countdown.
  • Some of you I know are interested in more Web 2.0 tools you can use in class. Please "friend" me or message me here on the Ning and I'll get a bunch of ideas right to you!  :)
  • Apps are fun!! The apps I learned about at the Discovery Education Day of Discovery were: 
    • iFontmaker - The handwriting one. Sorry, I found out this one isn't free after all. But still cool!
    • Good Reader - That one where you can download YouTube videos (among other things). Has iPhone and iPad apps, also not free! Boo hoo. But this one would be more a teacher one than a student one, so if you have a budget for apps, you're good.
    • Nearpod Teacher (free!) and Nearpod Student (also free) - That one about seeing what students/others are doing on their iPads
    • Puppet Pals - has iPhone and iPad apps. Awesome way to present information or do an "all about me" thing for beginning of year, you name it. Also free!
  • Want to know where to get good app recommendations? Chickety-check it out:
    • AppAdvice - See the menu bar toward the top; their app lists, app guides (has an ed portion), and app charts are very helpful.
    • Option for primary: SmarTots
    • From the highly recommended Tech&Learning blog: top 10 sites for educational apps

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Thanks a bazillion for culling and sharing this stuff Kelly!




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