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Another groovy lesson plan from the Art Institute of Chicago for Language Arts Teachers...

Classroom Resource: Cultural Celebrations and Storytelling (grade 5) 

In this lesson, students will learn how a single idea or story can be transformed through cultural perspective and personal point-of-view. After examining multiple versions of a popular fairy tale, students take what they have learned and apply it to their own lives. Find this lesson plan and more Silk Road Resources for Teachers.



Students will:

  • Learn how a single idea or story can be transformed through cultural perspective and personal point-of-view.
  • Distinguish the features of several different Cinderella stories that are unique to a particular culture or era.
  • Take what they learned about how the perspective of a culture influences its stories and artwork, and apply it to their own lives.
  • Learn how personal point of view also impacts traditions.

Materials/Resources/Gallery Objects

  • Several versions of Cinderella stories such as Rhodopis (Egyptian), The Rough-Faced Girl (Native American) and Yeh-Shen (Chinese)
  • Large pieces of bulletin board or chart paper (one piece for each group)
  • Markers (class set)
  • Venn diagrams (class set)
  • Paper
  • Pencils

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This is a great lesson which I would love to implement next year. This month my students are doing fairy tales for their book reports. Their final product needed to be one of the following 3 options: create a parody to their fairy tale, create their own fairy tale, or create a twist to the fairy tale they just read. I never thought of looking at fairy tales through different cultural perspectives. In our curriculum, we don't have enough content on cultural traditions, influences, etc. This lesson is a perfect way to incorporate more multicultural lessons into the curriculum.
Carrie, sounds like a great project. Glad it might help you expand your work!



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