Making Curriculum Pop

If you're an elementary teacher who wants your instruction to really "pop," then consider incorporating picture books into your instructional day.


I'm a real fanatic about picture books, and my Teach with Picture Books blog certainly proves that. Unlike the hundreds of other picture book sites out there that merely review picture books (which can happen just as easily at Amazon), my site actually offers suggestions for implementing picture books as teaching resources for grades 2 and up. I typically post on an overall theme, topic, resource, genre, or author, and then link to relevant articles, downloads, and sites. Every now and then, I also give away a bunch of books, which alone is reason to visit!


If you're looking for reasons why picture books should become part of your curriculum, you can check out my static site over at Squidoo, which offers thirteen reasons why you should be using picture books.


Always looking for recommendations and guest bloggers!

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Keith, thank you so much for sharing this! Folks also might dig this older post on Storybird.



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