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Can you recommend any graphic novels, manga, or graphic nonfiction for young readers published in the last year or so?

I'm writing a "best of" piece for School Library Journal, and I have plenty of ideas, but I wanted to hear what educators and GN readers might have to say. Recommendations should be for books, though (w/ ISBNs), not for a comics periodicals.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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hey........personally, i think c.m. butzer's gettysburg: the graphic novel is appropriate for a 4th grade range. also, try checking out the capstone press (mankato,mn) website. lots of cool stuff. :) katie
Hey Peter, I would post this question in the Elementary Ed section as that is a big group with a lot of resources for the k-4 set!

My faves and my kids' faves for that age range are Bone, Owly, and BabyMouse. Amulet 1 by Kibuishi is a big hit. My fourth graders (and some 3rd) also love Cardcaptor Sakura (even many boys), Pokemon manga, the Warriors GN series, Peach Fuzz, Robot Dreams, Star Wars: The Clone Wars GNs, and Yotsuba&!.
Excellent titles -- thank you! The trick is, they must have been published in the last year or so; Owly, Bone, etc. are already too "classic" and well-known for me to mention.



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