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Hi everyone!  I'm very excited to be part of this forum, and please excuse me because I'm a complete newbie.  I'm teaching Watchmen for the first time to a 1st year college level English composition class.  I've been doing some research and reading on my own, but I have a very basic question for you, especially those of you involved in the creation of GNs.

What, if any, is the significance of the bolding of words in dialogue?  Maybe it's just me, but it seems totally random.  I would assume it was for emphasis, but it very seldom seems to emphasize words that I think are important.  Is it just me?  Or am I missing something?

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I don't think there is much significance other than to emphasize words. Like you, I do not think it is often done to good effect. If someone else has a different take on the practice, I'd be eager to hear it :)
Bolding is the kudzu of mainstream superhero comics. It's meant to emphasize, but just grows and takes over...Ignore it as much as you can.



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