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Hey I'm about to start teaching Vfor Vendetta with my 12th graders as a follow up to Watchmen.


Has anyone taught this before?  Any resources or ideas would be appreciated.



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I understand the graphic novel is back in circulation.  And there's a rational in

Rationales for Teaching Graphic Novels

ISBN: 978-1-934338-83-4

Maupin House

No lesson plans, only rationals.  I was hoping for lesson plans myself, but I guess I'll just keep looking.  Please post if you find some.


James Bucky Carter is your go-to guy for this topic.  I haven't taught it in class yet, though I'd love to.  I will also refer you to one of my favorite sites for lesson plan help.  It's only got one for V, though...  To download it, I'm sure you have to have an account.  It's free, and it's wonderful.  The lesson is writing a persuasive speech to the public after studying V's speech.  Pretty clever!  It also might be a good idea to go over Parliamentary Governments and Big Brother/CCTV in activating pre-reading exercises.

I have not taught it, but I have located some online resources that might be useful:

1. Go to and register  then do a keyword search for VENDETTA--you'll come up with a number of handy worksheets which can be considered


V For Vendetta (James McTeigue, 2005), based on Alan Moore and David Lloyd's graphic novel of the same name, opens with a meditation on the relationship between the political and the personal. The film informs us that it will be about the power of ideas. It will be about their relationship to people. It will be about politics and the part we play in it. It will be about the moral dilemmas faced when opposing a totalitarian state.

Hi Lindsay,

I posted additional resources in the V for Vendetta group page for you at

In addition to my rather lame notes on the novel which I wrote the first time I read it (as you know, re-reading V changes one's original understanding), I just added quiz questions and activities as well as an additional assignment based on Danny Fingeroth's interview with NPR. If you send me an email on my site, I can offer you more about my experiences teaching this novel through conversation. I just finished teaching V and Batman: Dark Knight Returns a couple of weeks ago. My students are currently composing their own superhero comics narratives as their final senior year assignment! 

Hope this helps. 


Maureen:  I tried your link several times and couldn't get anything to come up.  I'll check it again at the campus tomorrow but I thought you should know.

Yikes! Try this one....If you go to "Groups" and choose V for Vendetta, you can access the docs (I hope).





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