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Hello! I'm teaching English in Okinawa, Japan this year. I'm teaching 6th graders (considered elementary school here) and 7th-9th graders (middle schoolers). I just found out that during one of my classes with 8th graders, I will be observed by a whole bunch of teachers from not only our school but other schools, plus some administrators! And this just happens to be on Halloween. So I'd love to do a fun lesson that incorporates groups and ideally something hands-on. I don't have much money for supplies, and Japan doesn't actually have "regular" carving pumpkins, but any other ideas you can share I'd love to hear. The kids' English comprehension level is pretty low overall.

So far I'm considering using Michael Jackson's "Thriller" song and video, and possibly the song "This is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I happen to have in Japanese and could incorporate along with the English song. But that leaves me w/ plenty of time left in the class, so I'd love to hear your ideas!

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Replies to This Discussion has a number of free Halloween-themed printables that you can find at:

These are fun and get students thinking, writing and drawing.   Hope you'll try them out.

Bill Zimmerman




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