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Thought this might be of interest to folks. I've been reading some of the recent articles about Facebook's privacy issues like this op-ed in Newsweek.

Haven't gone in yet to mess with my privacy settings, but do plan to. Then I got a copy of an interesting e-mail from this morning that puts a different slant on the issue...

Dear MoveOn member,

In my time at Facebook as Chief Privacy Officer, I saw first-hand how important it is to protect the privacy of our users as part of our work in bringing people together. That's why, last week, I was encouraged to see Facebook respond to the significant external criticism, including mine, regarding the recent privacy problems that developed after my departure to run for California Attorney General.

Today, I remain troubled by the news that Facebook still plans to offer only an opt-out to "instant personalization"—meaning that users' information will be shared with third parties without clear consent.

That's why I'm joining MoveOn in calling for Facebook to reiterate its commitment to privacy by sharing user information only with prior approval from users.

I urge you to join me in changing your Facebook status to "Facebook: Privacy is a right, not personal preference. Stop sharing my information without my opt-in approval"

Then, click here to join the Facebook group, "Facebook: Respect my privacy":

More sharing in the world is a good thing—it allows for the building of deeper bonds of community and social and political progress.  But strong privacy protections are a must for any Internet site like Facebook, because users have a right to protect their privacy.  User privacy won't be fully secure until Facebook recommits to letting users choose about third party sharing.

No privacy policy can remove the need for personal responsibility about what one posts—and companies cannot save people from personal embarrassment. But companies on the Internet and in the offline world must respect the privacy of their customers.

Facebook should make sure it has user consent for third party sharing. Please take a moment now and change your Facebook status to "Facebook: Privacy is a right, not personal preference. Stop sharing my information without my opt-in approval"

Again, please join the Facebook group, "Facebook: Respect my privacy." Click here to join:

Chris Kelly 
Candidate for California Attorney General and former Facebook Chief Privacy Officer 

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Thanks for posting this info Ryan -- I missed the email but it's definitely something I've been keeping my eye on.
So has big brother :)



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