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Where I teach, our principal has agreed to start a TV station. The goal will be to have the kids do the announcements in the morning. The way I see this being organized is to have the kids form a club, then have them break into daily teams, 5 for Monday, 5 for Tuesday etc. My grade 12 journalism class will be responsible for a 90 second news story every day too. Our ten minutes will be gobbled up pretty quick.


Our delivery system will be the Internet, rather than via coax cable.  


I would welcome a conversation with anyone currently doing this so I might pick your brains, share ideas.


Many thanks.

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I had a group of 12-14 students. Students usually worked in pairs and were assigned roles. They worked on: opening, announcers, school sports, closing, birthdays, day in history, current events, and around the school (they went & took pics of students). We did the show on movie maker. Each pair created their video clip and I would save their clips and edit and compile them all together in to one big video clip. I would then save the published file on our school server for the teachers to open and show in their classrooms. I did this at a middle school through an enrichment type of class...there was no grade and each show aired on Fridays. I am sure older students could produce a show more than once a week. I worked with accelerated 8th graders. Check them out here:
or go to and search "FalconTV". Hope this helps.
Thanks Jason. Interesting concept. Now besides MAC computers, what are you using for cameras? Do you have a designated classroom space or a studio? What mics are you using? desk top in stands, floor mics or lapel mics?
We used pcs not MACs but I know iMovie can probably do this and more. We used regular camcorders and digital cameras from the school...I just rented them out weekly from the media center. I had a designated classroom and checked out the laptop cart everyday for the students to work on. We did not have mics and I would recommend having them. I only had 1 mic for our announcers and it was a desktop mic hooked to a small speaker that I kept under a table out of sight.

PS It's Justin not Jason :)
Mea Culpa. Justin. My eyes don't work early in the morning.

Was your delivery model on the Internet? Was it live or archived and web available?
No, I just saved the published wmv file to a folder on our school server. I would save all our episodes on schooltube afterwords as well. The shows were all taped so they were not live. I am not sure how to broadcast through the internet.
The following may be of some help: (website connected to popular book)
WOW. Frank, What a resource. This one has a bit of everything....Many thanks!



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