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WEBTOOL: Storybirds = short, visual stories that you make with family and friends

I highlighted this on yesterday's broadcast e-mail but it seems to me that this could be an INCREDIBLE tool to help students create their own picture books in any subject!!!

Here's a video about the site:

Storybird Quick Tour from Storybird on Vimeo.

Storybird can be found at

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I've made a couple of books there. The thing to point out to kids is to check out the range of illustrations first, BEFORE they begin their story. For instance, if you start with story first, you might have a whole page of text about the cat hiding, but no pictures available. There's a knack to it. But the illustrations are so wonderful, it is definitely worth persevering. The online editor itself is fairly intuitive and works well.
Susan, thnaks for sharing those tips! I'll probably tag that note on to the other places I posted this!




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