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You have all been assigned a role.  In your first response make sure you state you role in the group allong with your comment.  Have fun and happy learning, Bailey, Whitney, and Elizabeth

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:-) Your book is If Everybody Did By Jo Ann Stover. Feel free to be creative and to go more in depth then the standard reader of this book would.
I am the vocabulary enricher. I noticed that there were several word uses that were pretty cool. The only word/series of words that were really unusual was the phrase "mash hash". In that, the writer was describing the practice of mashing hash, a food. So basically what the author was saying was DONT play with your food. Just for fun, I looked up hash on WIKIPEDIA....
Hash is an American dish consisting of a mixture of cooked beef (often corned beef or roast beef), onions, potatoes, and spices that are mashed together into a coarse, chunky paste, and then cooked, either alone, or with other ingredients. Occasionally, the term can be used to refer to any mixture of finely chopped ingredients.
Hash!!! I love that you chose that word! I was wondering what that was myself!
I was assigned the Literary Luminary! As part of my job I would select a section for my group to re-read and discuss. I would select the part at the end where it goes through and discusses all the nice things that everybody did. Our discussion would mainly pertain of why it is always best to do good things! :)
Aw yay! Heidi, that is so sunny! I love it :)
I am the Connector. :) This book reminded me of the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" by Eric Carle due to the constant repetition within the story.
It was very Eric Carle-ish. Hungry Hungry Catepillar is also Eric Carle I think. Using stories with repetition is a great idea, especially for us with Special Ed, because repetition is so necessary.
If everyone were to squeeze the cat, would it really look like the picture in the story? What statement do you suppose the author is making when using this picture?
This book was written was portray the consequences of "what if everybody did the same things." The author wrote this book to show young children the positive outcome of doing things differently but with etiquette. The author of the book passed away February 17 of breast cancer. The author wrote many other children books that won many awards.



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