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Season 1 episodes .. (they hit their stride in episode 3...

How to Science: Episode 1

A new podcast about science from LSA explores the human side of scientists, the beauty of research, and the pleasure and labor behind scientific discoveries.

How to Science: Episode 2

An interview with scientist Abby Lamb on LSA’s brand new podcast.

How to Science: Episode 3

This week’s podcast features scientist Meghan Duffy. She talks about her love of tiny water creatures, sampling lakes with pantyhose, and why she wouldn’t want to live in Antarctica (ever again).

How to Science: Episode 4

Mature adults say that pulling all-nighters for tests is a flawed, short-term strategy. But scientist Orie Shafer says that even standard 9-to-5 work hours can make people unhealthy. This week’s podcast holds more insights about life, science, and flies.

How to Science: Episode 5

This week’s podcast features a conversation between scientist host Monica Dus and guest researcher Sara Aton, whose curiosity about the science of sleep gets her out of bed every morning.

How to Science: Episode 6

Tim McKay tells the story of his early science days–when he had to defend his research equipment against mice, scorpions, and rattlesnakes in the desert–to his tamer, more recent efforts to welcome people into the fold of higher education.

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