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EPISODE #/TITLE: #2910, "Money and March Madness"
DATE/TIME: Tue., 3/29/11, 2100-2200
NOTE: Check local listings for the exact date and time on your PBS station.
DESCRIPTION: FRONTLINE continues its new monthly magazine program with the lead story "Money and March Madness," an inside look at the multi-billion dollar business of the NCAA and its brand of amateur college sports. In this investigation, correspondent Lowell Bergman gains access to Sonny Vaccaro, a former marketing executive at Nike, Adidas and Reebok who helped bring about the rapid commercialization of college basketball. Vaccaro's success made coaches, administrators and companies rich. But the players remain at the mercy of the NCAA, which, despite a new $10.8 billion contract for its basketball tournament, has continued to insist that the athletes don't get paid. Now, Vaccaro has left the business world and he's spearheading a class-action lawsuit that aims to ensure that players get a piece of the action.
UNDERWRITER: EPISODE FUNDER: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
PRODUCER: Cam Bay Productions
COPYRIGHT: Record and retain for ONE YEAR only.

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