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I have been teaching with some amazing kinetic poetry videos that employ typography to represent the poem's ideas, messages and subject matter.  I have a knowledge of using PowerPoint for this type of representation, but would love to try something like the video below.  I'd be grateful for anyone who can advise or direct me here.

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Hi Jeanette!

It is great that you're out here and joining the discussion! The way MC POP is set up - and this is different from a lot of other Nings - we really direct people to special interest groups for discussion. When you post in these open discussion forums people rarely get a chance to read your question. Please consider posting this in the Poets & Writers Group and or the New Media & Technology
discussion forum that way all the members of that group will get an e-mail about your question + I can highlight it on crowdsource Tuesday.

There are lots of folks here who can help you with your question - here is an example ? in the Music group...
"QUESTION: Music for Black History Month?"

Happy MC POPPING! It will be exciting to hear what folks say when we broadcast this on Tuesday!




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