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I invite you to take a look at the companion website to my book TEACHING MIDDLE SCHOOL LANGUAGE ARTS: Incorporating Twenty-First Ce....  You may find the book a useful text, and welcome gift for new teachers and just an engaging read over the summer.  I trust you'll see ideas to adapt and adopt as you reflect on the past year and plan for the courses you'll be teaching this fall.

While the title includes the words "Middle School" many high school teachers have found both the book and the website a fount of inspiration for teaching grades 9-12.  The website, which includes resources from my years of teaching both middle, high school and college, is designed to provide a link to new resources I come across through sharing communities like this one.  So, look to see your ideas linked from my page.

Look for resources for curriculum design and public speaking, too.  That section of the site is in the nascent stage.  Hope to have the skeleton up soon and will flesh it out over the summer.

Thanks to each of you who share so generously the lessons you've designed, the experiences you're having and the resources you find.  You're helping to enhance the instruction and learning experiences for us all.



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Hi Anna - would you mind copy and pasting this over into the other Middle School group discussion forum (linked to a group) - that way way more folks will hear about it - these forums have really been replaced by the special interest groups so I'm just trying to close this part of the Ning out.  BTW book looks great!




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