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Hi everyone.  I haven't posted to the discussion board before, but I met Ryan in a cab in Philly at NCTE...long story!


Anyway, I am a doc student at Kent State University and I am writing a piece now about the reading/writing connection through the lens of inference.  Part of the work focuses on non-textual inference (like when someone comes in and slams down their things you can infer through their actions they are angry) in film (using Charlie Chaplin's "In the Lion's Cage" which you can view at YouTube) and how graphic novelists have to use both text and illustrations to imply meaning, drive plot, characterization...


I'm looking for some promising texts or web sites that anyone has read that might support what I'm doing.  Unless I'm looking in all the wrong places, I'm not finding much.


Thanks for any help/ thoughts.




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Hey Petra - how are you!!!! So to you inference = non verbal texts / communications... the classic "show don't tell thing! (BTW I have a great article on this I can scan for you Wed if you bug me).

I have to gut these floating discussion forums as most people use the discussion forums in the special interest groups because folks get e-mails when you post something thing...

I'm sure you can get a lot of feedback if you re-post this in the Media Lit discussion forum, The Graphic Novels forum and the teach with moving images discussion forum - you can just cut and paste the text from above.

Just so people know exactly what you mean, I'd embed the YouTube clip as an example. (How to embed YouTube clip). And explain it a bit more...

Hope that helps. I dunno that a lot of people read the floating forum. And if you don't I can crowdsoucre it next Monday!

I think you can get a lot of help on this one !

Great! I will go to those specific groups. I was asking Dr. Kist tonight as well. How awsome is that guy?
Dr. Bill is quite the rockstar - he is by far one of the brightest and coolest academics I know - and a really cool dude.



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