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Post a Crowdsource ?

As great questions keep turning up in the group discussion forums I will try and feature as many as possible on Crowdsource Tuesdays.

When you ask a question it is important that you pose your question in a discussion forum NOT on the comment wall.  Comments on the comment walls don't have a specific url - thus are not ideal for broadcasting. I can't hyperlink the community to a comment, but I can hyperlink everyone to a discussion forum! 

Example: if you want to ask a math question, please post it in the Math Discussion forum.  The best recent example: If you want to know about cool films to teach for middle school check out all the incredible feedback Melissa received when she made her post QUESTION: Films for middle schoolers? in the Teach with Moving Images group.

The best way to ask questions is with the QUESTION: Heading and then something like:
QUESTION: Does Anyone know of cool Manipulatives I can use to teach the quadratic equation?

On the image below (from the Teach w/Moving Image group) the cursor is on the discussion forum.  

This is the place to pose your question so that it has a a dedicated and archivable url space where folks can easily respond!  That way it won't get lost in the comment wall.

Happy Posting



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