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I am looking for great ideas/resources for a class with the above title that I may be teaching this summer. I want it to be a hands-on course so I am looking for websites/resources for the teachers to explore. I am also looking to teach it with the qualities of a 21st century classroom: critical thinking, problem solving collaboration, technology integration, social any ideas for using the curriculum given to me in a creative "21st century" way would be so appreciated! Thanks!

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One thing I've learned in a class I've been in this year (kind of similar in concept) is that if you're going to present, for example, a Web 2.0 tool that the teachers can use in their classrooms, make sure to present it using the tool itself!! And if the teachers are going to learn of the tool through your class, make sure they get time to play with it and create with it as well. You really can't just hear about or see a tool in action and automatically know how you're going to use it; it really helps to get play time w/ it as well as actually make something on your own. 

Hello Virgina,  Sounds like an exciting and useful class.

I invite you to take a look at my website TEACHING ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTSfor ideas for your teachers to explore.  It's a site I originally set up as a companion for my book TEACHING MIDDLE SCHOOL LANGUAGE ARTS: Incorporating Twenty-first Ce..., but expanded the site to include blogs and resources I've used teaching high school and colleague and those other educators have recommended.

Two resources that are rich and versatile include TED TALKS and Pecha Kucha.  Consider assigning your students working in pairs or small groups to find  TED TALKs appropriate for sharing with the students they teach and then create a Pecha Kucha presentation to describe  to their classmate in the summer program how they could use this or other on-line resources.

When I had an eclectic group of  teachers in a summer program, I found creating grade level or subject matter groups proved an efficient way for them the exchange ideas that were practical for specific grades or subjects.  However, the groups presented to the whole class because many of the strategies could be adapted by open minded, resourceful teachers.


Collaborize Classroom is awesome. I've also used Titanpad and Tricider to help students work together and interact online.

I like lineoit or wallwisher for students to make a quick response. Polleverywhere rocks my students worlds when they see the students in their classtext answers to an opinion question. I've loved MindMeister to help me students organize a short reserach paper. And Bibme made MLA citations much easier.

One of the best experiences you might engage in is partnering with a local 21st century school in order to have kids teach your soon-to-be teachers.  I work at a New Tech Network school, and we have tours of visitors all the time.  The most insightful parts of our tours are when we have student panelists discuss what they've gotten out of our model, which brings together project-based learning (PBL), collaborative student groups, technology and community partnerships.  I could facilitate introductions, too, to New Tech representatives who could introduce you to a New Tech school near you.



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