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Here's the site for where I'll be presenting next Friday (6/5) on NML. If you're in New York, please drop by -- it's free.

And if you're doing any work in this area that you'd like to share with the international group that usually shows up for this conference, please let me know. I've been charged with summarizing what talented educators are doing at K-12 in terms of new media, and showing where I think things are trending.

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Dear Peter,
Hope you'll share with your colleagues. It's a site where students can create their own comic strips online. It offers fun characters with different moods to select from, blank talk and thought balloons to fill in with text, story prompts and printables to write and draw on. Comic strips created can be emailed and printed. Many educators use it to encourage writing, reading and storytelling.
Best wishes,
Bill Zimmerman
Was just talking about your great site yesterday with someone, so thanks for the note.

I do plenty of comics workshops, so that is probably where I'll mention as a resource -- it's not really a "new media literacy" topic, if that makes sense. Please stay in touch, though, if you want to learn where I'll next be doing some comics presentations -- would be nice to meet.



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