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A fascinating read (esp. for those into religion) and great reminder that the 'good book' was and has always been privy to many deeply human editorial decisions including revisions, exclusions, translations, cultural politics and other such choices made along its literary journey. The featured historian at Harvard approaches her find with caveats but it is fascinating to read that Mary Magdalene might have been Jesus' wife! From Smithsonian Magazine...


Read the full story HERE and get a sneak peek of the upcoming show on the Smithsonian Channel HERE.

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I have to say I'm really interested in the editorial process of these stories rather than the content (I love people that talk about how and why stories in holy books might have been "left on the cutting room floor." That was a great Stewart clip as usual, although someone in the clip might have misquoted the translation - I'd have to go back and listen again.  Thanks for sharing that!  RRG:)



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