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This comic reminds me of the type of work MC POPPER Nick Sousians does at his blog. Andrew Wales's is a member of MC POPPER Marek Bennett's pretty cool Comics International Ning. I received info about this MI comic via Comics International. Hopefully Andrew Wales himself will come over to MC POP and share more of his works. It seems like this would be useful for 6-College level teachers who do MI assessments with their students.

The full comic is available for download at Mr. Wales blog.

Find more images like this on Comics International

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BTW - my favorite online MI assessment can be found here.
Thanks for the plug! My site has got a lot of hits from MC Poppers, and now I am one myself! I love to use literature from pop culture in my art room. In fact, I have a comics rack in my room stuffed with all kinds of high interest stuff.

By the way, I put up issue 3, of Curriculum Comics at Comics International. This issue is on theories of classroom discipline.
Andrew - also if you want to just upload the PDF file here for teachers the reply feature gives you that option - the page icon...

Will let you share the whole comic should you be so inclined!!

Thanks again for getting behind this - I think your work will have a great audience here!!



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