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Back in January I rocked the first Comic Science blog post.

In July I posted this WIRED article ... "How Comics Can Save Us From Scientific Ignorance"

Today, I'm adding to the comic science resources. I was reading a Discover Magazine the other day and found out that comic artist Peter Bagge started a monthly "History of Science" feature last February!

Discover Mag does not publish the strips on the regular site so scoured the e-Libraries of my universities looking for the strips. After many searches, I found they are not easily available as PDFs. I was able to snip one clean image (below - for educational use only) as a sample. From there I gave everyone "preview" links via with a short blurb explaining each story.

In the meantime...
1, 2 and 5 look great for chemistry
3 would rock earth science
4 would be great for biology or health classes studying the spread of diseases

1. Discover Magazine February 2009
1896: The Russian Chemical Society
"Mendeleyev Predicts" - How Mendeleyev Dreamed Up the Periodic Table

2. Discover Magazine March 2009
1828: England
"Robert Brown in 'I'll Second That Motion'" - The discovery of atoms and molecules

3. Discover Magazine May 2009
1574: Istanbul, 1574
"Taqi al-Din in 'Oh, What A Spin I'm In!'" - The story of the construction of the Istanbul observatory of al-Din.

4. Discover Magazine June 2009
1900: Camp Lazear, Cuba
"Yellow Fever Fever!" - Learning how yellow fever spread.

5. Discover Magazine July/August 2009
1937: DuPont Labs, Wilmington, DE
"It's A Wonderful Legacy" - The creation of Nylon

Please do do share any other cool science comics your aware of below or in a separate discussion forum!


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