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I'm not much of a MC Popper poster, however, I used this site in the stats class I taught recently and it seemed to get people excited about the possibilities for statistics (at least for the sports folks) so thought I'd share...

Now, I used this for a college-level class, but I can can see where this could be useful if you're teaching bar graphs, etc. I'm always on the lookout for cool graphing graphics, so if you have any that you particularly like, I would love to see them. For instance (and I wish I could find a link for this - I will keep looking), the last page of Newsweek a few weeks back had an awesome graph that was summarizing the background/tenure/position of all the Supreme justices. Perhaps something that could be used outside the math class as well.

Yes, I am a stats/math nerd. I'm ok with it... :)

Lis (sister of the Master Popper, Ryan...)

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Lis! Word UP!!! Thanks for the post! These infographics look dope! Thanks for sharing - Edward Tufte would be excited about this post, right?



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