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I'm looking for great books that grab reluctant readers. I call them "gateways" as they open the door to lifelong reading.

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Hey Linda, great to have you here.

To get immediate feedback on this I suggest you ask this question in the Adolescent Literature discussion forum!!

You might also browse the Graphic Novels & Comics discussion forum for some more great ideas... you might also post the same question in their discussion forum!!

When you post in a group - all the members in the group get an e-mail about your question. When you post in this floating discussion forum, not as many people see it and no notifications are sent.

Great to have you here!

Linda, check out the book The Ultimate Teen Book Guide by Daniel Hahn. ( I wish I had it with me, but it is at school, of course. It does the usual "If you like this, you might like this", but it has more interesting lists like "books for when you feel like crying", "books for when you feel emo", and so on. Whenever I have it on my desk, I always have a student or two who will browse through it all period if I let them.

Also: and are very cool.

Good luck.
excellent suggestion. we use teenreads for book searches
My no-fail favorites right now are Homeboyz and Hip-Hop High School, both by Lawrence Sitomer, as well as Sonnenblick's Drums and Girls and Dangerous Pie and Notes from the Midnight Driver.

For girls, Lovely Bones never disappoints, either. I buy 6-7 copies at the beginning of every year, knowing full well they'll be read to shreds before the end of the year.
Tangerine has been used by our self contained teacher who has has had tremendous success with the text. Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie is a high interest novel, too, that the kids really enjoy.
Say of Tears is about slavery, Fade to Black is a very compelling novel on the impact of HIV/AIDS in America, Twilight Saga, My Sisters Keeper- higher level but excellent story. These are just a few books that my students have enjoyed!
whoops! Day of Tears not "Say"



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