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Michael. Zimmer's created this great litte e-guide for delivering interactive instruction using Web 2.0.


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Syd - thank you XXL for sharing this!
You bet! :o)
Syd thank you for finding this resource and sharing. This is amazing. I'm grateful to be a part of this kind of generous community. Suzanne
You're welcome, Suzanne.
Michael's also published a general Web 2.0 guide, if your'e interested: Tools for the 21st Century Teacher
Thank you Syd, this will be very helpful. Technology moves so fast it's hard for me to get my geek credentials and keep them, sigh.
Excellent guide!! For a cool unit on incorporating content the kids need to learn (whether it was delivered in lecture format or not) into Web 2.0 literacy, see
I enjoyed this a lot and plan to share it with the methods students in the fall. Thank you!
I just attended a technology conference where many shared using some of these resources. It is wonderful to find them all here together in one resource! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing this with educators of this Ning! Good to know that people are finding my publication useful.

You can also view my blog: for more tech integration ideas and resources. Thanks again!!



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