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Hello! You guys are so creative. Can you help me come up w/ a much better name for a unit I teach? It relies heavily on Web 2.0, and the basic gist of it is that the kids become the teachers and present their information using a Web 2.0 app they've never used before. They work as a group to not only learn the target content but master the app as well. I've always called it.... drum roll, please... the Web 2.0 unit, but I've realized that's boring as dirt. I'm going to be presenting this unit at a conference soon, and I really need a much better name!! I'd love any suggestions or ideas.

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A couple of ideas off the top of my head:
New Media Showcase
Showcase 2.0

Also, maybe something with the word "share" in it (but can't think of anything right now).

Thank you so much! I love these ideas. I've gotten some more from other colleagues as well and am thinking everything over...
maybe something with the word "connecting" - Socially Networked Learning - World Wide Collaboration - to go all CSN&Y - "Teach the .... teachers well." Connecting Content, Kids and Classrooms

Each one teach one

We teach 2.0

We Web 2 you


just a few thoughts

Thanks to a convo w/ a colleague, I finally arrived at a great title: TEXPERTS TAKE OVER!!!! The word "texperts" is something I came up w/ at our school for a name for the kids who I would meet w/ individually or in small groups in order to teach them a tech app or tool so that they could then teach their classmates (kind of an "each one teach one" concept). So we took that word, then I added the "take over" to show how the kids master their content in this unit and become the teachers! Each kid becomes a texpert in his/her Web 2.0 app, then the whole group uses it to teach their assigned content. I like the ring of it and how it's so strong and active-sounding. Thanks so much to everyone who shared ideas!! Many of your ideas I plan on working in to other units as well.  :)



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