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Blooming Minds is the BlogPortal created by Erin Bloom for student classroom use, as well as an outlet for educational commentary, ideas, and advice.

Ms. Bloom is a 6th Grade Literacy teacher at Wagner Middle School in Philadelphia. She is a graduate of Temple University with a dual degree in English and History. Ms. Bloom also has a Masters degree in Secondary Education. She became a teacher through the Philadelphia Teaching Fellows program and was recently nominated for Ruth Wright Hayre Teacher of the Year Award for the School District of Philadelphia. Through her teaching, Ms. Bloom strives to instill a lifelong passion for learning, creativity, and scholarship in each of her students.

As a lover of Philadelphia and a strong belief in its children, Ms. Bloom adheres to the Teaching Fellows mantra:

“Love our city. Teacher our children.”

My students work hard and love to hear about their achievement. Enjoy our work and please feel free to comment!

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