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Hello all! Every time I log on, I seem the get a fantastic teaching tip/trick that I want to try in the future. I jot it down on paper, but this is no manageable method. Is there some type of organization system (program) like index cards that I could jot down these ideas, then organize and store them for another day?


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Hi Melenie, So glad you are enjoying the site!  It is pretty intense labor of love here so it is great that is actually helps folks! I saw you message to the group - you might even consider posting stuff like this as a crowdsource question - that said, I dunno, I really designed to site to be built around the groups. I don't know that there is an easy way to organize but what I would suggest is just using the bookmarks in your browser and just create a bookmark folder of MC POP resources and save them that way.

Great to have you in the mix.  Happy MC PoPPing :)

Thanks Ryan. I found another FREE program that I am crazy about's Evernote. It is perfect for jotting down these ideas for that day in the future when I struggling with teaching gerunds and infinitives!. I have tons of unorganized tips and tricks that I come across and say, what  great idea! then when the lesson come around, I forget the game, idea or tip, or I cant find where I stored it! Evernote fixed all of this. They even have tutorials step by step on youtube. Check it out.

Thanks for your suggestion too!


Evernote is a great way to organize these resources! Go to and check it out!



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