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Since my question is pretty general, I decided to post it here. I teach an undergrad media, culture and society class and require my students to post on a class Ning site every week. They post on a forum with a specific question related to the week's topic. They are also required to write a blog post which serves as a media journal. The only guideline is to reflect on something they encounter about media during the week that relates to anything discussed in class.

A lot of the posts are pretty uninteresting and I would like to hear of any suggestions for ways to guide more insightful commentary. If any of you out there require media journals in your courses, what are some suggestions or guidelines that you offer to your students?



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Hey Antonio - my To Do list is to gut these forums - folks don't really rock the forums since no e-mails are sent to users - I'd suggest posting this in the New Media or Media Lit discussion forum and title it how to improve online writing so a broader group of people can respond to you. If you don't get a lot of responses I'll share it on crowdsource Monday!

If you look in the groups - usually discussion there get a lot of mojo (see Grant Proposal Advice?) in the New Media Group

Thanks for getting in the mix!

Thanks, will do!



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