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SIMA Social Justice Documentaries for Educators Year Round

What better way to educate, activate, and inspire the next generation of leaders and change-makers than bringing real-life, compelling stories from around the globe into classrooms and allow students to engage and travel through the power of impact cinema?

SIMA (Social Impact Media Awards) invites you to explore the new SIMA Classroom Catalogue: to cultivate global awareness, critical consciousness and civic engagement among students. 

SIMA's Classroom Catalogue comprises 50+ of the best short documentaries from the annual SIMA Awards, selected from over 140 countries around the world. These remarkable films cover an array of human rights, social justice and social innovation topics and encompass coursework related to a broad range of studies including, Anthropology, Film and Media, Global Studies, Political Science, Humanities and International Development. All titles are accompanied by filmmaker Q&A’s, select lesson plans and discussion guides, as well as links to campaigns and relevant resources, that are certain to enhance the dynamics of teaching efforts and student participation.



DURATION OF FILMS: Between 3 - 40 minutes

AVAILABLE TO:  Educators, Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities throughout the US and abroad.


“SIMA helped inspire my students to become responsible, global citizens who are now motivated to get involved…I’ve never seen a class so motivated and inspired.” - Michelle Bernstein, Faculty and Chair of the Film and Digital Media Department

“This has shown me what real responsibility is.- J. Wilkenfeld, Student

 "The SIMA Classroom Catalogue is an essential tool to promote human rights and encourage critical thinking among students in secondary school and beyond. “




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