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Hey all,
My name is Matthew and I'm a noob to the MC Popper's club.  I'm here because I'm in the process of creating a PLN for myself due largely to a new job that I have taken--tech. integration at an int'l school in Stuttgart, Germany. 

Has anyone here ever had a hand in creating a strategic tech. plan for a school before?  I'm currently the director of tech. here in MI, but mostly it's by default---I'm the only one who can replace broken switches, adjust router settings, fix hardware/software, negotiate network IPs, etc., and though I also use tech. in class and teach colleagues to use it in there's, I can't help but feel a bit nervous about the new position--What's involved in creating a school wide plan?  Does anyone have any experience in this?
Point me in a good direction?

Any thoughts are good.


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