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If you're a teacher (and I'm assuming you are if you're in this Ning!) and also a Twitter user, you'll want to check out . This wiki lists educators who use Twitter and organizes them by their grade level and subject (if applicable). You can choose to follow fellow teachers in your field and to allow them to follow you!

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Thank you for sharing that Kelly. In this day and age, kids seem to be twitter obsessed!

A couple of questions/concerns:
1) I've heard that Twitter may be becoming a pay service before too long. Do you know anything about that?
2) How much information could a teacher get across in 140 characters? Is it enough?
1) My boyfriend stays on top of this stuff a lot. From what he says, he understands that the founders have stated that they have a business plan, but no one outside their group knows what it is!! So down the road, who knows what may happen? (I know recently Gcast, which used to be free to send podcast updates by phone, now charges for the phone-in podcasts but is still free on uploaded content... So maybe that's a possible indicator of where Twitter will end up.)
2) That's one of the reasons I'm not sure how Twitter could be used from teacher to student. From teacher to teacher or possibly student to student, it's awesome! (140 is plenty for a web link or lesson idea.) Maybe in a teacher-to-student model, teachers could send links to images, videos, books, etc... maybe even assignments. And students could respond w/ quick Q's or comments. Not sure on that one!



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