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VIDEO: Did You Know 4.0

Great video about new vs. old media. Give it a watch - it should make one weary classes that deal exclusively in print texts. Because it is…

Started by Ryan Goble

0 Sep 15, 2009

GRAPHIC NOVELS: The Beatles and Other Rock and Roll Comics

OK, so most of you caught the Beatles post the other day. True to form Frank Baker brings the noise and the funk with this related follow u…

Started by Ryan Goble

0 Sep 9, 2009

PROFILE: Interesting dude @ Mad Magazine

If you dig this article, consider joining the massive and very active Graphic Novels & Comics group!! From "Inside Teacher's College"…

Started by Ryan Goble

0 Sep 2, 2009

ARTICLE: Four Good Reads For Back-to-Schoolers

From USA Today 08/20/2009 I love the title of the last book - yes, let's have a PUNCTUATION CELEBRATION!!! :) Four Good Reads For Back-to…

Started by Ryan Goble

0 Aug 28, 2009

COMIC: Fahrenheit 451 and Ray "Rad"bury

"The sun burnt every day. It burnt Time. The world rushed in a circle and turned on its axis and time was busy burning the years and the pe…

Started by Ryan Goble

0 Aug 13, 2009

WEBSITE: Cribs for the Literary Set

WHEREIWRITE.ORG While visiting Michael Swanwick's home, photographer Kyle Cassidy charmed his way into taking a peek at the sci-fi author'…

Started by Ryan Goble

0 Jul 22, 2009

ARTICLE: Borders Aims to Capitalize on Teens With New Shops

In NYC we have a bazillion more B&N than Borders so we shop there more often, but I think Border's is a much better book store - and no…

Started by Ryan Goble

0 Jul 22, 2009



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