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As many of you know from posts in here and the Shakespeare group I like to keep a list of teaching resources and allusions for texts that seems canonical. In a roundabout way a lot of To Kill A Mockingbird and depression era resources have been popping up all over the Ning. Here I'd like to try to consolidate the TKAM resources - I will also be culling the depression resources in the American History group.

What is the occasion for this? Malcom Gladwell (The Tipping Point, Blink) wrote a fascinating essay last week in the New Yorker called "The Courthouse Ring: Atticus Finch and the limits of Southern liberalism."

In the meantime there was a post in the Graphic Novels and Comics group that mentioned a new graphic novel about the Dust Bowl. Because TKAM is set in 1936 many other Depression era resources are listed there.

The Film Foundation's (a Martin Scorsese backed organization) TKAM movie teaching guide is loaded with extra ideas.

Frank Baker, MC POPPER and OZ behind the Media Literacy Clearinghouse has a guide to teaching the film TKAM as well.

Frank also made a post about a visit to a courthouse museum in Alabama where they have an exhibit that includes all the storyboards from TKAM.

If you know about other TKAM allusions, resources or teaching ideas please add to this list below...

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I have been using as much as I can from TKAM - Film Foundation. Unfortunately, the DVDs are no longer available for TKAM and they have a lot of resources you need to teach their complete unit. I have put together a lot of my own stuff but I am still missing quite a bit. The Film Foundation has been trying to find a copy to send to me but it hasn't happend yet. Frank Baker's link to TKAM storyboards for the opening credits is broken and I cannot find them anywhere online. 

I do love the concept of teaching film the way the Film Foundation recommends, having the students watch first and then teaching the film elements as you go back and re-watch parts of the movie. I just wish I had all of the resources!

Alii, frank is on the site - can you message him - Frank W. Baker and see if we can get a better link then post it here I can make the edit above! 



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