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Do you remember the first time you read To Kill a Mockingbird as a young adult? For many, the voices of Scout, Tom and Atticus still resonate decades later. Facing History’s fresh approach to teaching Harper Lee’s classic novel engages students in issues central to the novel and in their own lives, including race, class and gender. 

Teaching Mockingbird: A Facing History and Ourselves Study Guide 
offers a unique approach to the classic novel. By interweaving literary analysis with historical context, multimedia resources and innovative teaching strategies, this resource engages students in the issues central to the novel—and their own lives—including race, class, gender, justice and moral growth.

The new guide provides English language arts teachers with Common Core-aligned student handouts, close reading exercises and connection questions that allow students to build a complex understanding of the historical realities and big moral questions at the heart of 
To Kill a Mockingbird

The guide was made available today to download at 
no charge.

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This is very, very cool.  I wish we hadn't just finished Mockingbird!



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