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I know this is broad but I've recently taught Persepolis and I'm
currently teaching The Absolutely true Diary of a Part time Indian with
my tenth graders.  I'm looking for more text suggestions. My students
really are enjoying the young narrators that are close in age to them
and I think they are fascinated by learning about different cultures
and experiences.  I'd like to keep varying the cultural, ethnic, social
perspective of the reading so any ideas would be helpful.  In addition
we've been focusing on first person narrative/memoir point of view.

Any ideas?


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The Hunger Games: first person, 16 year old GIRL in a future society.

Second the Hunger Games.  Are you looking for contemporary?  Reluctant readers?  What level?


My struggling readers have also liked: Sunrise Over Fallujah (Walter Dean Myers), After the Wreck (Joyce Carol Oates), and Speak (Laurie Halse Anderson), etc


They are 9th graders. Definitely reluctant readers, but considering I do a lot of reading in class I'd like to try something a little more challenging with them.





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