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I just attended the on-line Global Collaborative and am really pumped!  Does anyone have any names of graphic novels that teach about other cultures?  legends?  non-fiction?

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The Lerner Graphic Myths & Legends series features multicultural legends, although there are far more books featuring males than females:


Wow, Kristin!  This is a great list of multicultural legends for young readers!  I might order the whole set!

This set would definitely grab boys' attention!  

Maybe these titles?

Not sure if these qualify as graphic novels or for what you're looking for content-wise. Neither of these books has text--just pictures.

Zoom and the other two books by the same author look wonderful!  They are in my Amazon cart.  The slideshare is no longer accessible.  Wordless books rock!

A colleague of mine who teachers ESL here at Juniata uses The Arrival to discuss that challenges of coming to a new country. I think it is an amazingly imaginative graphic novel.

Hi Jay,

       I looked at The Arrival.  It is awesome, but is recommended for 7th grade.  I was thinking younger.  

Check out my blog

I post about a lot of books and many are about other cultures. I sort topics on the toolbar/cloud thing on the right hand side.

Oh my, Stergios, you are amazing!!!!!!  I'm trying to plow through them all.  :)

Stergios is some sort of comic superhero - for real!

Sorry I am slow, but thank you so much for the compliment! :)

This might be a helpful link for you. It is a crowdsource document about graphic novels by country...




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