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I just attended the on-line Global Collaborative and am really pumped!  Does anyone have any names of graphic novels that teach about other cultures?  legends?  non-fiction?

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Thank you, Maureen!  After going through these amazing lists, there is clearly a need for social studies books and more graphic novels for very young readers - grades 2-5.  I hope some knowledgable people take on this task.  I would, but I can't draw for beans.  

I think I might try to find out if that is being done! I know many science-based graphic novels are being created. I'll ask Katie Monnin--she knows more about the lower grades and gns than I!

You are a sweetheart, Maureen!

My daughter loves the greek myth graphic novels from George O'Connor, like Zeus:

Just came across Habibi in graphic novel form:

This looks great, John!


Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi) has been popular with our high school students--deals with her childhood in Iran and her exile in France.

I haven't read it yet, but the author of Vietnamerica (GB Tran) spoke at the recent NCTE convention. His book tells of his parents' experiences in Vietnam, their escape to the US, and his childhood in this country.


American Born Chinese (Gene Luen Yang) was the first graphic work to win the Printz award for YA lit. It speaks to the experience of immigrant Chinese and their first generation American children through three different strands or lenses.


So many wonderful graphic novels have been written for middle school and high school!  I have heard many people talk highly about Vietnamerica and American Born Chinese.  I wish more people would write for grades 2-5 more in this way.



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