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Hi MCPoppers...

I've been working with local historical societies & primary source texts lately, drawing comics based on Civil War diaries by NH citizens.  

Here are a couple in progress: 

Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby  -- Esp. note, Colby was so burnt out by teaching a village schoolhouse, he ends up joining the Union Army to get a "better return"!

Civil War Diary of Dr. Esther Hill Hawks -- One of the USA's first female doctors encounters sexism, racism, & the challenges of building schools in the midst of war...

I'm especially interested in how this practice supports visual literacy & Common Core standards (ELA reading & writing strands)... and how it brings the past to life for young artists.

Has anyone else been working with students in this area?

-- Marek

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These are pretty awesome, and I am glad you shared them with us :)

As for teachers I know working in similar areas, right now I don't see many who do where I am, at least in Social Studies. I see some language arts teachers moving to using more graphic novels, which is great in my opinion, but I also see all the great potential for other content areas like you have shown here.

I bet you could get some great student work out of this.

Thanks SB -- Yes, stay tuned for guest posts from students! -- M

Stergious, if you haven't had a chance you've got to check out / review Merek's "NICARAGUA COMICS TRAVEL JOURNAL" - his work really deserves a wider audience!

Marek, these are really awesome - I can't wait to broadcast them!  

Thanks for spreading the word (and image), Ryan! -- M



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