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OK, so I went this weekend to the The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival this weekend. It was the coolest art festival I've ever attended - I scoped out cool books and met authors and illustrators including Willow Dawson the illustrator of this graphic novel.

The premise is awesome as it tells the story of seven women throughout history who "dressed as men for love, freedom, and adventure." It is clearly written for the 9-12 set but I think it would be a useful supplement in high schools.

I pulled the learning resource material they created for the book and uploaded the PDF below.

The website is here and this is the description posted there..

No Girls Allowed Tales of Daring Women Dressed as Men for Love, Freedom and Adventure
written by Susan Hughes and illustrated by Willow Dawson

"A female pharaoh? A woman general in the Kahn’s army? A female Viking raider? No way, you say? Look again. Appearances can be deceiving …
Based on legends, poems, letters and first-hand accounts, these seven biographical tales tell of women who disguised themselves as men. From ancient Egypt through the Middle Ages to the 19th century, this historically accurate graphic treatment is perfect to transport readers back to bygone eras. The lives of these daring women were often filled with danger and the fear of discovery. However, for the sake of freedom, ambition, love or adventure, these women risked everything. No Girls Allowed brings a contemporary edge to a part of history largely untold – until now."

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ordering this right now! love it! thanks so much. :)
Great follow up material from Elizabeth a teacher I work with at my school. No Girls Allowed tells the story of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman a woman who dressed as a man to fight for the union. This NPR story tells the story or Union soldier Albert Cashier - a woman named Jennie Hodgers who marched thousands of miles and fought in dozens of battles during the Civil War.... give it a listen.
Hi Everyone-
I just had the pleasure of e-meeting Ryan (Hi Ryan!). I manage the Graphic Novel/ Manga market for a number of publishers as I work for book distributor, Midpoint Trade Books.

By way of introduction, I would like to share a few of the books we represent, many of which are great teaching tools.

First up: The Great Hero Series
This is a manga biography series of 50 titles. The first one, The Obama Story was met with a great response and the other two titles, The Darwin Story and The Bill Gates Story are due out next month. Theses titles explore the lives of these heroes from childhood (why did they have the dream they had) to adulthood and everywhere in between. They are great for book reports and just plain fun to read (they are filled with humor as well as interesting facts).

Next is Ponent Mon. All of their titles are held in the highest regard in the Graphic Novel community, but only a few are suitable for the classroom, like The Ice Wanderer and other stories

and perhaps, The Times of Botchan Series

And lastly, there is Cleburne which chronicles the events during the last year of the life of Confederate Major General Patrick J. Cleburne, one of the best military strategists of the Confederacy.

I hope these suggestions help and I look forward to visiting more!




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