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I love print comics, and print in general,( so says the writer of this WSJ article), so it hurts a little to say this: Devouring comics on a tablet beats reading them on paper. Read more about the experience of reading graphic novels on today's new media devices.

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I have an early Kindle Reader version and I have to admit that it is basically a waste of time trying to read any graphic novel that is listed as Kindle Friendly.  I've wondered about this very question as far as the iPad and other tablet readers go and one day hope to be able to afford one of those devices.  That said, I still want my pulp paper comics.  I noticed in one of the download EULA statements that you only get to read the comic X number of times before it becomes inaccessible, and it's impossible to loan comics to friends if they are electronic.  Not a benefit in my opinion.

I use an iPad to read them, and it's much better than a Kindle (at this point, anyway). The Comicsology app is truly amazing as it takes you through a comic panel by panel in this very artistic, almost choreographed way so you see all the details and get the impact of those double-page spreads and huge reveals. Right now, though, selection is a bit of an issue. I'm big into manga, and most of the titles I want aren't available on e-readers at the moment. 



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