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Newbery-winner Shannon Hale has created, along with Dean and Nathan Hale, a couple of interesting graphic novels for tween-and-up readers--"Rapunzel's Revenge" and its sequel, "Calamity Jack."

The publisher recently posted the free PDF's:

I don't get paid more if folks download these, but I'm hoping the increased traffic convinces more publishers and creators to develop instructional materials. :-)

Thanks -- !



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awesome work peter!!! :) katie
Thanks, Katie!
Hey Peter, I checked these out - they look great - CONGRATS on the publication. You might also copy and paste this post into the Adolescent Lit Discussion forum as those folks might dig it too!
I had the huge pleasure of meeting Shannon last Tues. night at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville. She was so enthusiastic and fun! She took time to speak individually w/ every person who got his/her book signed. How refreshing and special!



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