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Our friend and colleague, Peter Guiterrez, makes recommendations in this blog on the School Library Journal's web site.

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...and Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest made Peter's Top 10!
: )
Is this a regular blog that we can link to or is he just guesting? Peter what say you?
Thanks Frank -- saved me the trouble of posting this, which I was going to do tonight.

And Ryan, this is a guest post on a very popular blog run by Brigid Alverson to which several people contribute. I've been invited to post again, though, which may be partly why they created that chibi for me.
A good book for middle schoolers is "Stuck in the Middle" edited by Ariel Schrag from Viking Press. A few of the stories have some mature language, but many more speak to themes of love, friendship, and family that are appropriate for teaching mood, tone, and theme itself.
Hey Kevin - maybe post info on that book with a hyperlink in the Middle School group? Folks always love hearing about new resources!!!

Thanks for sharing!




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