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Polly-Anne Pringle lived a sheltered life in a very proper boarding school. She strives to be as upright and respectable as her mother, a woman she believes to be the perfect lady. Her friends call her dull, but all of this changes when she is kidnapped by pirates and is brought out to sea. They are the former crew of the Pirate Queen Meg Malloy, and they think that Polly is her daughter and that she can lead them to her buried treasure. Polly tries to disabuse them of this notion and really, really wants to return to the safety of the boarding school, but she does show an uncanny aptitude for swashbuckling...

This charmer of a book was written and drawn by Ted Naifeh. He has created a number of graphic novels and comics series, including the Eisner Award nominated series Courtney Crumrin. Currently, he is writing a sequel to Polly and the Pirates as well as collaborating with Holly Black, author of the Spiderwick Chronicles and a bevy of other YA fantasy books, on the Good Neighbors trilogy. He talks about his career and works in this interview.

Reviews of this book have been very positive. Brian Cronin called it "delightful." Cindy Vallar commented that it is enjoyable to readers young and old. Reviewer Greg McElhatton very much enjoyed the art and wrote that "Polly’s a great addition to everyone’s library; she can set sail any time and I’ll be on board."

A 25-page preview is available here from Oni Press. A shorter preview for the yet unpublished sequel is available here.

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